Many people have heard of attachment theory and may also know that the quality of a child’s attachment to his/her parent is associated with brain development. Others though may not have a good understanding of the biological nature of attachment that has been refined through millions of evolutionary years to insure our gene survival. What may be new to many is that attachment security is associated with emotional regulation or affect regulation.

Affect regulation is a term now used to describe the growth, development, and connectivity of our emotional brain called the limbic system and includes the ranges set into our autonomic nervous system based upon our early experiences with parents. Because these largely unconscious early experiences guide the wiring of the brain, people often feel entrapped in relational patterns that prevent their full human expression, development, and happiness.

The Newton Center for Affect Regulation is specialized in attachment and affect regulation interventions at all ages. It includes services for children, parents, individual adults, couples, and families.

Our Vision

That all children feel known, loved, valued, and guided by secure, conscious, and loving parents who strive to live an authentic life that supports a civilized world.

Our Mission

To promote emotional security, growth, and happiness in children, adults, couples, and families.

Core Services

  • Primary and Support Interventions
  • Training
  • Advocacy