Scaffolding the Brain:
A Neurobiological Approach
to Assessment and Intervention

Ruth P. Newton, Ph.D.

Based upon an integration of attachment, affect regulation, and developmental theories, Integrative Regulation Therapy (iRT: Newton, 2009, 2013, 2017) is a neurobiological evidence informed brain-based scaffolding developed by Dr. Newton for clinical assessment and intervention. It is designed to focus on emotional security in children, adults, couples, and families of all ages. Training includes learning how to recognize and work with

  1. unhealthy entrainment patterns,
  2. the unique languages of the cerebral hemispheres,
  3. autonomic nervous system arousal ranges, and
  4. clinical instinct, voice prosody, affect, and gesture for a whole-body/mind clinical change.

All training includes interactive teaching using didactic, video review, experiential practice, role plays, case presentations, reflective practice and group discussion. Training is scheduled upon request and consists of one weekend a month for 8 months. Learning objectives for all training modules are available upon request.


Licensed or supervised for licensing mental health clinicians (MFT, LPCC, LCSW, Ph.D., Psy.D., M.D. psychiatry).

Schedule of Events

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Part A:
Knowledge Base/The Implicit World
Part B:
Applied Interventions
Training Cohorts

Our biological base: Attachment in children and adults

The “experience dependent” nature of brain development

Complex Developmental Trauma: Its impact on Life

The instinctual guidance system: Finding the true Self

Young adult to older adult therapies

Dyadic and Play therapies

Latency and teen therapies

Groups, couples, & families


Adriana A. Olalla, LMFT 50563
Maria Guadalupe Ortega, LMFT 49264
Candida Martinez, MS
Paola K. Sabio, MS, APCC 4312
Samantha Saucedo, BS
Susanna Vakili, LMFT 90193


Debra L. Jedeikin, Psy.D., LMFT 40477
Alejandro Martinez, IMF 95194
Laura Torres, LCSW 65059


Sherry Casper, Ph.D., PSY 20550
Chelsea Haakmeester, IMF 73592
Adrienne McFadd, Ph.D., PSY 5602
Don Myers, Ph.D., PSY 11509
Maria Guadalupe Ortega, LMFT 49264
Claudia Peralta, LMFT 49093
Luis Velasco, IMF 79975
Christopher Walsh, LMFT 31272


Diego Bobadilla, MA
Donna Chevalier, LMFT 45461
Alicia Houts, MA
Susan Kim, LMFT 53073
Karina Valdez, IMF 69758
Susanna Vakili, IMF 77062
Charles Wigle, LMFT 29757
Brenda Wilkinson, LMFT 40435


Estela Bobadilla, LMFT 47743
Kim Flowers, LCSW 21216
Sherry Hartwell, LMFT 24456
Claudia Hergesheimer, ASW 32885
Rosa Ana Lozada, LCSW 11647
Liz Marucheau, LCSW 14756
Vincentia Schroeter, Ph.D., LMFT 7344
Maria Gallegos Skomal, LMFT 43149

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How to Apply

Training is limited to 8.

Online application process.

Click here to apply online

Enrollment is dependent upon receiving a NCAR acceptance into training letter and payment of fees.

With the exception of a non-refundable $150 application processing fee, a full refund will be given if the cancellation occurs 30 days prior to the first day of training.

Fee:  $3,000

A Certificate of Completion displaying California Endorsement units is given on the last day of training. There are no Continuing Education units provided for this training.

Unless otherwise stated, all trainings held at the
Marina Village Conference Center
1936 Quivira Way
San Diego, CA 92109